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“Dr. Megan Stubbs was a pleasure to have on campus.  The importance of normalizing sexuality and sexual behavior is important to all people, but especially college students at private, faith-based, institutions. Megan’s casual conversational tone and comfort with the content being discussed truly helped the students feel at ease and open up on the topic.  It is always a good event when a visiting speaker can engage the audience and provide important and necessary content.”

Mark Carbonara, Campus Activities Board Advisor, Dominican University​

Please note that as a sex and relationships expert, Dr. Megan does not provide examination, diagnosis, care, services or treatment of medical or health conditions. 

Dr. Megan Stubbs is excited to offer in person and livestream speaking! 


Hookups, Breakups, and Healthy Relationships: Your Field Guide

Relationships of all kinds are in store for you during you time in college. Come learn why they are important to not only your social development, but your academic success. From hookups to breakups and everything in between, there is something for everyone to learn. Participant will be able to discuss at least three different ways relationships help their college life, identify red flags in an unhealthy relationship, discuss the priority of their own personal needs, identify people in their lives who are in their corner, and list resources they need to succeed during their college career.


​Self Care 101: Beyond Bath Bombs And Brunch

Self-care is always in season, so why is it often overlooked or thought to be selfish? In a society that praises all nighters and where less work is rarely seen as more, come discovery why utilizing self-care can not only benefit you, but others.


Sex In The Dark (Award Winning Program)

In this interactive Q&A session, students will drive the conversation using anonymous smartphone enabled technology (Poll Everywhere). Drawing on personal experiences, their anonymous questions and commentary will reveal the hottest topics, trends and concerns related to sex, love and relationships on campus. Dr Megan will draw on her multi-ethnic heritage and inclusive edutainment background to guide the discussion, provide context an make sure that students laugh, learn, and leave with a boost in sexual self-esteem. Glowsticks encouaged!

Sex With the Lights on - An Illuminating Conversations on Dating, Sex, and Consent

With current campus sexual assault statistics reporting that 1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men will be sexually assaulted, it is imperative that we discuss the complexities of relationships, advocate the importance of sexual wellness, and teach ways to become proactive against sexual assault. Through this programming, attendees will gain a greater knowledge of what it means to be a sexually smart citizen.

The F Word - Understanding Fat and Body Image

Body image is how you feel about your body and physical appearance. Body image is influenced by many factors including friends, family members, cultural standards and the media. This session is designed to help participants understand the concept of body image and self esteem, challenge and questions why we feel the way we do, and to bring about positive changes in the way we think, feel, and act. This session will cover fat, the media, cultural standards, negative thoughts, the diet industry, disability, sexualization and actionable steps participants can use starting that day to make a positive change.


Your Guide To Sex Toys

With sex toys more prevalent in society, the curiosity behind these pleasure products is growing by the day. While these accessories can be a great addition to your sexual repertoire, there are often unseen and misunderstood information about them. Without the proper knowledge, misuse of toys can lead to health concerns, injury and/or unwanted trips to the ER. This session will cover the history of sex toys, sex toys in pop culture, the various types, and most importantly safety! This session is suitable for all genders and orientations. Giveaways included!

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