“Dr. Megan Stubbs was a pleasure to have on campus.  The importance of normalizing sexuality and sexual behavior is important to all people, but especially college students at private, faith-based, institutions. Megan’s casual conversational tone and comfort with the content being discussed truly helped the students feel at ease and open up on the topic.  It is always a good event when a visiting speaker can engage the audience and provide important and necessary content.”

Mark Carbonara, Campus Activities Board Advisor, Dominican University​

Please note that as a sex and relationships expert, Dr. Megan does not provide examination, diagnosis, care, services or treatment of medical or health conditions. 

Self Care 101

Your Guide To Sex Toys

Sex In The Dark (Award Winning Program)

Sex With the Lights on - An Illuminating

Conversations on Dating, Sex, and Consent

The F Word - Understanding Fat and Body Image





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